Meet Your Flight Crew

Organizations are only as good as their people. And frankly, the communication and multi-media pros we associate with are bona fide rockstars. Have a look at the range of personal and professional expertise of our crew. We know you'll love what you learn about us.
Catherine Chew  Chase Gordon 

Things Dr. Catherine does
Spends time with her family, friends and silky terrier, enjoys new travel adventures, is an art enthusiast, practices yoga and journaling, loves to learn and has an abundance of curiosity.
Dr. Catherine Chew
Dr. Catherine Chew is an executive with 35+ years of wide-ranging professional experiences in education that ultimately led to the college Presidency/CEO. Strategic planning, leadership/organizational development, corporate/military/public-private partnerships, workforce/economic development and fundraising are areas of expertise. Collaborating with large corporations, small businesses, military bases and non-profits across the United States and internationally have provided an extensive knowledge base. Selection as a German Fulbright Scholar coupled with a career path that spans the Northeast, Midwest and South have enabled her to work with a diverse spectrum of clientele. She is a Virginia Tech alumna and earned a Doctorate and Masters in Education focusing on corporate training and development.
Strategic Planning
Leadership Development
Economic & Workforce Development
Fundraising & Philanthropy
Communication & Personal

Things Jason does
Backpacking, motorcycling, hunting, shooting street photography, creating/absorbs art, teaching, care-taking, weight lifting & mud running. Always loves, laughs, jokes, thinks deeply and a bunch of other stuff.
Jason Fararooei
Director of Marketing & Communications
Jason Fararooei is a Marketing and Communications Professional with 15 years’ experience creating and delivering leadership/corporate training initiatives, strategic communications and end-to-end multimedia campaigns for clients across academia, Fortune 500 and non-profit sectors. Jason collaborates with senior leaders to improve organizational performance, excellence and effectiveness by creating new ways of thinking. Jason holds an M.A. in Organizational and Strategic Communication from the Knight School of Communication at Queens University, a B.A. in Communication from DeSales University and an A.A.S. in Television Production from Northampton College. Beyond his professional life you'll find Jason backpacking the Appalachian Trail, motorcycling and shooting street photography.
Strategic Communication
Organizational Development & Training
Director of Photography
Street Riding

Things Chase does
Drawing urban decay, making faces at cameras, dealing with erratic fits of inspiration, tumbling down mountains while attached to a snowboard, karaokeing to Disney songs and TLC, staying true to his 10-year old self, and dating waaay above his class level
Chase Gordon
Chase Gordon is a Brooklyn-based designer, animator, and all-around handsome guy. Some would say devilishly so. His plethora of skills and limitless potential lend powerful wings to the steadfast ship that is Yellow Cape. He mixes metaphors with no regard for his own well-being and drops keyframes like rappers drop rhymes. He can be spotted in the wild in subway cars and coffee shops scribbling madly in a notebook or reading books by people with ideas that rival his own. His main operating hours are between 2pm and 5am and his productivity increases proportionally with quantity of coffee ingested. Chase can be reached at He composed this summary on a typewriter while taking a bubble bath.
Animation / VFX
Webcomic Artist
Being Creative
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